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Collagen and vitamin cerum (30ml)

$ 17.99
Collagen is a protein present in the epidermis. A real natural support to skin: it reinforces its structure, preserves its compactness and density giving tone and elasticity. As time passes by, its production slows down and for this reason it is important to provide a correct support to mature skins.
Right from the first applications, it provides the right nourishment and promotes a specific repairing action.
It contains:
- marine collagen, rich in amino acids, proteins and omega 3, that helps solidify the cellular structures of skin;
- a multivitamin complex, with photo/chrono protective action;
- honey extract, subjected to a fermentation process that increases the skin's bioavailability, improving its nourishing and protective properties.
It stimulates collagen production, counteracting the sagging of skin tissues and preventing the loss of firmness and elasticity. It re-densifies and firms the skin, for more relaxed and plumped features.