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Permanent lip color is also known as permanent lip tattooing or permanent lipstick.

I do the full lip or just the lip liner that is customer's preference or decision. If customer wants both lip liner and lip color, I prefer to do two procedures. First the lip liner and then 4 weeks later a touch up and lip color. For the lip liner I go outside the lip border to make an adjustment for a misshaped lip. 


Having permanent lip color on the entire lip makes your lips look fuller. After the first complete appointment of lip tattooing, we wait 4 weeks and then there is a touch up appointment.

If you have ever had herpes or a cold sore on your lips, you must be on an oral antibiotic for that condition. Please consult your physician.


Full lip color will brighten your whole face and enhance your best features all day and night. A natural appearance or more dramatic color can be achieved. You always have the option of putting on regular lipstick to keep up with the ever-changing trends. 




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