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The unique recipe for beauty and skincare provided by the best in natural ingredients.

In an age of increasing susceptibility to allergies, scientists are strenuously advising against frequently switching from one brand of cosmetics to another. If the body is constantly exposed to new substances, its susceptibility to an allergic reaction increases, too. This is confirmed by users who report on "incompatibilities caused by testing out cosmetics.”

In line with Speick philosophy the best raw materials are used "as little as possible - as much as is necessary". That's why Speick Woman products contain raw materials derived from plants or of mineral origin that are similar to and harmonise with one another - skin friendly and effective.

Carefully selected raw materials that are kind to the skin and the extraordinary scent sensation combine to produce a harmonising composition ideal for comprehensive body care. Lavender and citrus oils combined with Speick plant extract (biologically controlled and harvested) have a balancing effect on the skin and senses.

We direct marketed the Speick Woman beauty products out of the Almake and the results were stunning and fantastic. Women know skincare way way better than us guys and believe me, the ladies have been whiffing'n'sniffing and testing and snapping these fantastic products up like crazy. We have had many positive comments and many re-orders from the ladies. The results of our direct marketing experiment were so good that we decided to stock SPEICK WOMAN products in depth and offer them here at the web store.

Ladies, if you have serendipitiously Googled your way here, we invite you to check out our main SPEICK page for more natural skincare products for you and your entire family. We proudly offer more Speick products than any web store in North America, conveniently gathered here in one place.

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