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In 1928, Walter Rau, a young German WanderVogler, founded his fine, natural soap company to bring the benefits of the ancient medicinal Speick plant to the public.

Speick has been a highly valued extract since pre-historic times. It is documented as being used as a bathing perfume royale, and for skin care royale in Egypt circa 500 BC.

The Speick plant grows only in a small area of the Carinthian Nock Mountains in Austria. To find Speick, you must climb the escarpments above the tree line to an altitude of over 1800 meters.

The early Speick trade was centered in Venice whose merchants exported several tons a day to points in Europe, Asia Minor and the Golden Levant. Speick was literally worth its weight in gold.

In 1936, Speick was threatened with extinction and placed under stringent legal protection. Thus, ended over 1500 years of trade in this herb.

Speick Natural Cosmetics has heavily funded a Speick nature conservancy in the High Nock. Currently, only two farming families are legally allowed to hand-harvest a limited amount of this wild organic herb. All of their production is sold to Speick Natural Cosmetics which produces the only products in the world containing Speick oils and extracts.

For over 70 years, the tried and true, potent natural ingredients in SPEICK legendary mens products keep you clean and fresh while surrounding you with a sense of well-being.

Each product is designed, crafted and formulated with its name-sake herb, the rare Alpine herb, Valeriana Celtica (SPEICK in German) ,which is highly aromatic and healing.

Speick beauty products are recognized and highly regarded as one of the best quality and affordable shaving, grooming, beauty and skincare lines for the gentleman and woman who wishes to indulge themselves with the best in skincare products.

Almake is very pleased to offer you the largest selection of Speick products in one place in the North American continent.

Buy Speick beauty products with confidence that you are using the best skincare products available. Every Speick product is a winner.


SPEICK-Woman-NaturalBeauty-Certified BDIH    

SPEICK Thermal -Made with Schlangenbad Spa Water-Certified BDIH-BIG SALE 

SPEICK Natural-Wonderful Skin Care for the whole Family

Original ARTZ-Doctor's Products-Made by SPEICK

SPEICK Natural-Bath Bar

Belly Up To The Soap Bar Made by SPEICK

SPEICK MEN-Shave Cream, Shave Soap,Pre and Post Shave






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