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Using leading edge technology it converts fat cells into liquid which can then be naturally drained by the body’s own natural filtration system. Generally one fat cavitation treatment lasts 30 minutes where a single part of the body is treated. 72 hours must pass between each session so that the body can eliminate the fat. The minimum suggested sessions are between 6 and 10.


Radio frequency technology is used most commonly with face treatments. Other treatments involving radio frequency (RF)  technology are body contouring. Radio frequency treatment has become known as the "RF face lift" or "Radio Frequency facial", due to its wrinkle reduction and overall skin rejuvenation capabilities.


Vacuum mechanical tissue manipulation nips and stretches fibrillar connective tissue, effectively breaks down subcutaneous fat as well as extruded capillary vessel, Increase lymphatic drainage, promotes metabolism and reduces or shrinks the size of the actual fat chamber and greatly improved body contouring effect. 




Minimally abrasive instrument gently sands your skin, removing the thicker, uneven outer layer. This type of skin rejuvenation is used to treat light scarring, discoloration, sun damage, and stretch marks.


Same thing by sandblasting the skin with a flow of micro-crystals but it's no where near as effective as laser rejuvenation (the penetration is more superficial). An important part of both procedures is collagen production. When the skin is forced to rejuvenate, elastin and collagen production speeds up which increases skin elasticity, key to making skin imperfections less visible.






Non- invasive technology, uses laser energy delivered to the tissues with a fiber to purportedly break up fat cells to reduce cellulite, slim and improve the body contour. it works melting fat until is liquified and then your body exfoliates it and flushes it out.






Hydrofacial to hydrate and replenish your face and neck with oxygen; prevent and reduce sun damage spots along with wrinkles and remove impurities.A treatment that includes dermabration with water and lactic acids, followed by oxygenation with hyaluronic acid and finalized with a touch of radio frequency + a light therapy mask!







Hifu / Ultherapy

This non-invasive and painless treatment allows the production of new collagen. Process by which the tissues begin to repair, significantly improving the appearance of the skin, getting stretch and firm the tissue from the first session; It consists in the application of a high frequency and high energy ultrasound beam. It is a method that breaks fat cells by high frequency sound waves, break the adipocyte and promote the release and elimination of its content. Ultrasounds serve to fight the toughest cellulite and localized fat, stretch marks, scars, acne and wrinkles. Its application focuses on the area of flanks, legs, abdomen, buttocks and also on the face (double chin, neck). And a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended.

Super Hair Removal

SHR stands for Super Hair Removal, it is a step forward in permanent hair reduction. It is the most advanced way to eliminate unwanted hair. SHR is more effective than the IPL and the traditional laser, it is safer and painless. SHR is used to treat excessive hair growth as well as pigmentation, vein and wrinkle lesions. The revolutionary SHR system uses long high-energy pulses to treat various skin conditions in almost all skin types. Thanks to this technique it is a fast and safe treatment. This also includes dynamic cooling to ensure maximum patient safety. Four to five treatments are recommended to achieve the best results. The number of sessions varies in each case depending on the cycle of hair growth, hair color, thickness and density of the hair.

Microneedling / Dermapen

Microneedling / Dermapen or collagen induction therapy addresses the following problems:

    • Acne scars
    • Surgical scars
    • Burn scars
    • Wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin aging signs
    • Stretch marks
    • Dry and sagging skin
    • Skin hyperpigmentation issues

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