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Eyeliner permanent makeup is wonderful! The eyeliner pigment is placed in between your lashes. You have the option of going a little wider. I do not advise connecting the outer corners as the tissue is so thin, that in the future the pigment could migrate. You have the option of doing just the upper eyeliner or upper and lower. If you wear mascara, this procedure will really bump up the effect of thicker lashes. 


The skin on the eyes is very receptive to topical anesthetics so I can keep you very comfortable throughout the procedure. When you leave you will have a normal appearance with a minor swelling, but it is important to go home and apply ice throughout the rest of the day and evening until you retire. The next day you will experience some swelling, as if you had a good cry or possibly less. It takes about a week for the area to ex foliate and the color will drop in intensity up to 50%. We wait 6 weeks and then there is a touch up appointment.



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