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Lash extensions are light weight and when applied properly no one can tell you are wearing them.

Using a special adhesive that is safe, they are applied one hair at a time to your own individual lashes, but not to the skin. Varying sizes of lashes are applied in accordance with the varying lengths of your own lashes, especially towards the inner and outer corners. 

Depending on the life-cycle of your own lash, your lifestyle, and how you take care of them, they can last 2-4 weeks realistically. Touch ups between 2-3 weeks will help to maintain your work. Use a water based makeup remover with a q-tip, around the eye area to remove other eye makeup. I do not recommend using regular mascara. You can have your lashes tinted several days before if you are very fair. However it is not necessary.

* This is a very relaxing 




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