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Speick Thermal provides a holistic body and face care regime for high-maintenance and sensitive skin. All products meet the criteria of Approved Natural Cosmetics and contain valuable and exclusive active ingredients.

The unique combination of ultra soft, thermal water that is rich in silicic acid, the potent extract of alga Spirulina platensis, as well as the harmonising, Speick plant extract, transform this high-quality cosmetic line into a balm for the body and soul.

The skin is exposed to external stresses and strains more and more, taxing it enormously. Speick Thermal supports and activates the natural functions of the skin and, in so doing, guards against symptoms of deficiency and retains youthful elasticity.

Why use thermal water on the skin?

The dermatological impact of Schlangenbad thermal water is mainly attributed to the high percentage of silicic acid it contains (approx. 40 mg/litre). The high dissolving power, beneficial effect on itching and damaged skin, as well as the favourable properties of silicic acid.

The source of the Schlangenbad mineral water has been bubbling away outside the spa hotel since 1912. A Schlangenbad pharmacist was already using the thermal water for producing body care products as early as 1844. Our company has been exclusively authorized to include this water in our natural cosmetics for almost 40 years. Since this special water is very low in minerals, apart from the high content of silicic acid, it has a high dissolving power.

The active ingredient silicic acid/silicon

We have standardised the silicic acid contained in Schlangenbad thermal water to counterbalance possible, natural variations in the beauty products. As a result of this, a litre of the thermal water incorporated with Speick contains 100 mg of valuable, silicic acid. The source substance, silicon, is indispensable for different metabolic functions such as cell division, amongst others. Silicon is also instrumental in regenerating the structure of the body's own albumen, the proteins. Silicon gives the skin tissue its firmness and elasticity.

Alga extract in thermal cosmetics

The alga of our choice, Spirulina Platensis, has a broad spectrum of physiologically valuable, active ingredients in a concentrated form such as proteins, essential and non-essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates.

The complex compound, hydrophilic (water absorbing) elements of Spirulina strengthen and protect the physiological skin micro flora.

All Speick thermal beauty products contain the unique combination of Schlangenbad thermal water, silicate, alga extract and harmonising Speick extract. This combination creates a compound containing three of the four fundamental elements for human beings - namely water (aquatic substance thermal water containing silicic acid, alga), air (on the skin, helping the skin to breathe) and earth (in which the Speick plant grows, mineral elements).

A delicate, light fragance, which alone generates a wonderful feeling of well-being, unites all the products in this exclusive, natural cosmetics range.

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