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For the 3 Generations

CERA Di CUPRA is a historic brand launched in the fifties thanks to the insight of Dr Nicola Ciccarelli, who brought Italy's most famous beauty cream into being.

This pharmacist from Cupra Marittima observed the exceptional qualities of the fragrant wax the bees guard in their impenetrable hives.

Beeswax brings properties that are difficult to obtain from other ingredients. Adding other, also strictly natural, substances, Dr Ciccarelli created a remarkable cream that he named Cera di Cupra: "Cera" on account of the natural beeswax ("Cera" in Italian) it contains, and "Cupra" like the name of the founder's native town, but also the name of a beautiful divinity, the goddess Cupra.

Other Beauty products have been created since then, most of them using the precious beeswax as their main ingredient. Today, Cera di Cupra is a complete line of products for face and body, capable of ensuring the level of quality, reliability and naturalness that the skin needs in order to stay young-looking and beautiful at any age!

Long before Burts Bee's, Cera Di Cupra was delivering the beauty benefits of beeswax to Italy's great beauties.

Cera Di Cupra is not just a household name in Italy, it is a boudoir name.

One of the great advantages we have is that we aren't just a web store, we are direct marketers which gives us the opportunity to test products and get feedback right at the point of sale.

For the past few months, provisioned with samples from the manufacturer, we have been testing these products with our lady customers.

The response has been hugely, overwhelming, glowingly positive on the the Cera Di Cupra beauty products. Many have told us these creams are every bit as good or better than creams they pay up to $100 a jar for in department stores. For that price they can get 5 jars of Cera Di Cupra formulations.

Lastly and this is what is incredible to me, Italy's most popular and effective beauty creams are unavailable in the USA except here at Almake and one other place but their prices are way-way higher than ours.

We carry the Traditional Moisturizers (Anti-Ageing Effect), the Mature Skin line (pink or red lids & caps) and the new Young Skin line (green lids & caps).

No matter what your age, Cera Di Cupra has beautiful, effective products to effectively care for your skin. You only have one body, treat your epidermis right with Cera Di Cupra.

Lastly, wink-wink, you don't have to be a women to get the benefit from Cera Di Cupra.

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