HOW TO GET A PERFECT SKIN Posted on 23 Nov 01:05

How to get a perfect Skin

It is the first and most important step in any beauty routine. In addition to using your head cleaning , it is essential to apply a tonic (best without alcohol) or micellar water, especially on sensitive skin , because these products eliminate traces of makeup , minimizing pores not dry out and do not generate fat.

A Balanced Diet

Take daily foods rich in fiber, protein and calcium is a priority for a perfect skin , although it is shown that , at times , an extra supply of vitamins necessary. It has a key role here nutricosmetics as a diet supplement or a topical treatment (facial or capillary, never as a substitute for food.

Protect yourself from the Sun

Use SPF every day is the key to winning the battle against premature aging of the skin, which becomes visible as spots and wrinkles. To be perfectly protected on the beach must reapply the sunscreen every two hours and after swimming . In the city, always extend it under the foundation, it's also suggested an oxygen facial periodically to get e better healthier skin.

The Key for Hydration

It seems obvious, but we all need moisturizing, even oily skin requires daily nutrition . Choose a daily cream that has moisturizing agents such as glycerin(for dry or aging skin) or hyaluronic acid.